Soul Gambler is an interactive adventure comic book game.  Soul Gambler is based on “Faust” by Goethe, and features an ordinary man, aptly named Faust who exchanges his soul for various rewards.

Faust’s appearance portrays him as friendly guy that you could easily get along with.  The characters he interacts with have more disturbing appearances though.

At the beginning of the game, you can decide how much intelligence, charisma, health and manipulation Faust will have.  These factors add the mental challenge of weighing different options that could determine the outcome.

Right now, Soul Gambler only has a few chapters, and with support through a Kickstarter project, the developers hope to add more chapters.  The game download itself with the chapters currently available is free.

Periodically you’ll get questions asking whether you want to proceed with certain actions or ignore them.  For example, Faust has to decide whether to challenge an opponent to a basketball game, or ignore the request.  I didn’t last very long in the first round and died an unexpected, violent death.  I held my breath as I made each decision because I was sure I was going to make a major misstep.

Due to the violent nature of Soul Gambler, I don’t recommend it for young kids.  It is a psychological thriller of sorts because you’re exchanging pieces of your soul and you never know what results your decisions will lead to.

Soul Gambler is pretty user friendly.  I was able to dive in and start playing based on the instructions given.  It works well on either a touch screen device or a keyboard and mouse Windows 8 computer.  It explains what to do as you progress through the game.  The graphics are RPG, designed to give off the look and feel of reading a comic book.

Interactive story apps are now available on a variety of tablets, smartphones and e-readers, as well as PC’s that support apps. I do really like the idea of interactive books or comic books.  I think there is a lot of potential for them to grow into a variety of genres that are available for all ages.  The interactions with the story helps the readers, whether they are children or adults engage more with the story.

Interesting game.  I can’t wait to see what the potential new chapters will bring.